Chelsea Central Area

The Chelsea Hotel has the friendliest and most relaxing hotel accommodations you need. Whether you are off on a vacation or on a business trip, you can always make use of its excellent service and attractive rooms.


Chelsea Hotels is a multi star best-in-class hospitality experience that will surely blow your mind.

Set in the undulating and beckoning hills of Wuse 2, Abuja, a mere 2 minutes drive from Transcorp Hilton Abuja, and 30 minutes drive from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, Chelsea Hotels is a prime example of Art Deco Architecture which accentuates and complements the iconic beauty of Abuja.

Richly attired in warm desert tones, well manicured flowers and exotic plants, and sitting in an environment like no other, you'll be amazed to notice that Chelsea Hotels offers many of the amenities and services that you'll find at only the best 5 star hotels, and more.